The ultimate UGC content creator kit for passive income

Don't rely on only brand deals and sponsorships for your income if you're looking to become a UGC creator. Snipfeed is the #1 app for your tool kit to not only score brand deals with our exclusive Media Kit, but also make passive income with an entire suite of social media monetization the hero

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Start your UGC passive income journey

Earn money through affiliate links and brand deals as well as sharing your skills with other aspiring UGC content creators. Using your suite of monetization features - there's tons of ways to earn passive income and engage your online community.

Explore more revenue streams

Explore all 5 monetization features to sell exclusive content as an extention of your social media feed and help guide other creators in their UGC journey. Share your expertise with 1:1 calls, social media audits, livestreams, never-seen-before resources, and more.

Seal more brand deals

Level up your game with brands: create a customized media kit. Pull in your social analytics, showcase past projects, allow brands to contact you, and generate perfect brand pitch emails every time with our Smart AI Outreach tool.

Top selling monetization ideas for UGC creators

There's tons of creators like you making money passively while they focus on creating content and growing their audience. See best sellers for UGC creators below and try them yourself.

1:1 coaching calls

Share your skills and give advice: allow followers to purchase private social media consultations with you. Find out more.

Digital Products

Easily create and sell downloadable resources like social media guides, FAQ docs, ebooks, content calendars, and more. Learn more here.

Q&A Feature

Get paid to send video or audio responses to your followers' questions or requests, or help other aspiring UGC creators by offering social audits, personalized advice and action plans. Get more info.